SB50 (Super Bowl 50) No Fly Zone for Drones

February 5, 2016

The Federal Aviation Administration have posted notice of a Temporary Flight Restriction to cover the Super Bowl 50 event on February 7th, 2016 which shall be effective from 14:00-23:59PST.

This is covered by NOTAM (‘Notice to Airmen’)  FDC 6/6446 which has the effect of placing a 32 nautical mile radius exclusion zone for drone operators centred on latitude 37º24’53″N, longitude 121º59’02″W. There is an additional Advisory Notice available here.

Additional detail:

NOTAM: 6/6446 – Super Bowl 50

The NOTAM actually describes two restricted areas in the shape of a donut, with the ‘hole’ of the donut representing the inner core (a region with a 10 nautical mile radius) within which only approved law enforcent, military, approved air ambulance flights, and regularly scheduled commercial passenger and all-cargo carriers operating under specific TSA-approved security programs/procedures may enter.

Within the ‘outer ring’ (between the 10 nautical mile radius and the 32 nautical mile radius), only aircraft arriving or departing local airfields are permitted to fly. All aircraft must be on active IFR or VFR flight plans with a discrete code assigned by an Air Traffic Control facility and must be squawking the discrete code prior to departure and, at all times while operating within the restricted area. Additionally, the aircraft must remain in two-way radio communications with Air Traffic Control.

The action we’ve taken:

We have drawn a single, 32 nautical mile radius temproary flight restriction centred on the coordinates provided and will begin showing now until the end of the restriction (at 23:59 on Feb 7th, PST).

Temporary Flight Restrictions is not yet a fully implemented feature, however given the importance of the Super Bowl and the magnitude of this restriction, we felt it important to show this specific TFR as quickly as possible.

Clicking on the no-fly zone on our map will show you the precise enforcement times.

This covers the effective ‘no drone zone’ region described by the TFR.

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