Automated Skies

Jul 29 2022

Posted by Altitude Angel Announcement

news main image Automated Skies event at Englefield House

First, there was Operation Zenith, an Altitude Angel event held at Manchester Airport in 2018. Altitude Angel demonstrated how, by using the right technology, it’s possible to safely integrate uncrewed traffic into controlled airspace and unleash the commercial benefits that follow.

Now, in July 2022, we ran our latest live demonstration event, showcasing the advancements made with our ARROW technology and in readiness for the announcement of Project Skyway.

In the grounds of the magnificent Englefield House and in front of an especially invited audience, which included airspace regulators, government representatives, aviation decision makers, and those working to enable the drone industry, Altitude Angel presented its inaugural ‘Automated Skies’ event.

To demonstrate its ARROW platform, the foundation technology on which Project Skyway will be built, the Automated Skies team conducted a programme of 140+ drone flights along an extended section of the first ARROW superhighway, south of Reading. 

Flight partners including Skyfarer, Herotech8, Searchbound Rescuer, Animal Dynamics, Texo Drone, Thames Valley Police, and the Altitude Angel flight team, undertook several commercial drone scenarios in unsegregated airspace – which included issuing tactical deconfliction following incursions into the airspace of private and military aircraft, as well as rogue drone flights. 

In bringing together those who can enable the industry with those who will build it, understandings were formed of what needs to be done and the steps needed to progress the integration of drones safely and securely in to our nation’s skies.