Cutting Edge Detect And Avoid Solution

At the forefront of drone technology Altitude Angel's ARROW is a state-of-the-art Detect-And-Avoid (DAA) Solution. This cutting-edge technology fuses input from a sophisticated array of sensors located on ARROW masts, to give an unparalleled view of the sky encompassing both cooperative and non-cooperative aircraft, crewed and uncrewed. 

Conflict risk detected ARROW graphic


Enabling Beyond Visual Line of Sight Operations

ARROW is designed to enable drone operators to conduct Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations in uncontrolled airspace.  Fusing sensor feeds received from ARROW masts into Altitude Angel’s overarching GuardianUTM platform the ARROW network creates full situational awareness of air traffic, ensuring safe and efficient operations for a variety of drone applications.

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Addressing Challenges for BVLOS Operations

ARROW addresses previous challenges associated with BVLOS operations in uncontrolled airspace. It plays a crucial role in facilitating services such as medical delivery, surveys, and the scaling and automation of drone services that demand a robust DAA Solution. 

drone flying near pylon


Supervised Safety

With safety at its core ARROW is overseen by Altitude Angel ARROW Supervisors, much like a commercial Air Traffic Control (ATC) there is a central location where all feeds can be overseen.  Whilst the system is designed with full digital monitoring of sensor feeds and infrastructure status, the ARROW Supervisors have a full overview of the system and, should it be necessary, are able to send communications to drone operators.

ARROW control room


Transforming Airspace Management  

In essence, Altitude Angel's ARROW technology transforms airspace management, providing a secure foundation for the future of automated, beyond-line-of-sight operations at scale. 


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