Quickly deliver national foundation services to foster an open, competitive and standards-compliant  drone services ecosystem.

Our airspace management operating system comes out-of-the-box with all the necessary services to deliver national services to support U-Space in your country including: airspace data, flight conflict management, national orchestration, counter-UAS and airspace authorisation.


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plane and drone flying within the same airspace

Built for ANSPs and National Aviation Authorities, GuardianUTM O/S is designed to deliver robust, scalable and reliable foundation services to enable you to fulfil your national aviation ambitions:

  • Full compliance with EU U-Space
  • Support for ASTM RemoteID and more
  • Easily define rules for drones within your airspace to ensure safe co-existence with manned aviation
  • Provide a gateway for drone operators  to access airspace and allow direct interface with pilots in real-time
  • Interface with existing ATM systems/equipment, to provide a holistic and complete view of airspace that can be delegated
  • Create a national registration system to easily measure and manage the accelerating drone industry
Cranfield airport airspace map and ISO and cyber essentials certification achieved by Altitude Angel

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"Altitude Angel is helping us provide real time safety critical information to drone operators in Norway, and doing it in a user friendly way. Since 2020 we have collaborated and rolled out an extensive and detailed system helping the unmanned industry in Norway as well as our Air Traffic Controllers. The data and delivery we get is very useful for our future services to the unmanned community in Norway." Axel Knutsen, Vice President Unmanned Traffic Management, Avinor Air Navigation Services.

“As the Irish Aviation Authority, Air Navigation Service Provider Manager for Airspace and Navigation, I was hugely impressed with the Altitude Angel offering, as a solution for the provision of U-Space services. The strength of the product is not purely the technology but is equally matched by the Altitude Angel team's professional approach to all aspects of U-Space and in addressing all interested stakeholders input.” Cathal Mac Criostail, Irish Aviation Authority.


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