Quickly deliver national foundation services to foster an open, competitive and standards-compliant  drone services ecosystem.

Our airspace management operating system comes out-of-the-box with all the necessary services to deliver national services to support U-Space in your country including: airspace data, flight conflict management, national orchestration, counter-UAS and airspace authorisation.


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Built for ANSPs and National Aviation Authorities, GuardianUTM O/S is designed to deliver robust, scalable and reliable foundation services to enable you to fulfil your national aviation ambitions:

  • Full compliance with EU U-Space

  • Support for ASTM RemoteID and more

  • Easily define rules for drones within your airspace to ensure safe co-existence with manned aviation

  • Provide a gateway for drone operators  to access airspace and allow direct interface with pilots in real-time

  • Interface with existing ATM systems/equipment, to provide a holistic and complete view of airspace that can be delegated

  • Create a national registration system to easily measure and manage the accelerating drone industry

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Our solutions are making the skies safer and facilitating responsible drone-use around the world.


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