Airspace use is changing. ANSPs need better tools to manage and modernise their information flow and cater for the emergence of commercial drone traffic.


Altitude Angel can provide the right, tailored solution for your ANSP’s unique set of needs, whether it be providing a national registry to a country-wide unmanned traffic management platform, or tools to help airports consolidate and view data from multiple systems and sensors.

Our partnership-based approach recognises that every ANSP is different; so while we have a wealth of technology at our disposal, our wealth of knowledge and expertise plus our ability to partner with you for the long-haul virtually guarantees your success amid the changing landscape of aviation.

"Altitude Angel is helping us provide real time safety critical information to drone operators in Norway, and doing it in a user friendly way."

Axel Knutsen, Vice President Unmanned Traffic Management, Avinor Air Navigation Services

Our Solutions

Our solutions are designed to fully integrate drones safely into everyday ATM activities and systems, while remaining fully future-proof to evolve with the changes which are yet to come in this otherwise very emergent industry. Whether you're just beginning your U-Space journey, or have already laid out your plans, we're here to help you achieve airspace harmony with our proven technologies quickly and cost-effectively.

Airspace restrictions and drone flight plan in Drone Safety Map


We're clear for take-off...

Already licensed by your NAA to provide UTM services in controlled airspace?

Only Altitude Angel has a reputation for quickly enabling national-scale, ANSP-ready UTM solutions on-time and on-budget, everytime.

From registration and identity management, through to LAANC-like enhanced functionality, our range of ANSP-focused technology solutions virtually guarantee your success into the emerging drone and UAM sectors when paired with our market expertise.

UAVs carrying medical supplies in city

We're in a holding pattern

We're not quite sure what our options are or are pending authority approval.

Whether you're building a case for license approval/extension, or experimenting within the bounds of your current license, choose a UTM partner with a proven track record of not only delivering 
(on time, on budget, everytime), but helping you quickly realise the value of drones and UAM across your estate.

aerial photography drone above factory

Security & Control Protect & Enhance your existing estate

Re-use and re-imagine existing assets to deliver new services to drones and UAM.

Acquiring additional services often means purchasing additional hardware. Altitude Angel’s proven technology can seamlessly be integrated with the existing systems within your facilities, workflows and procedures. 

Minimising the cost of change is a vitally-important step, often overlooked by technology companies, and even the cost of training can be cost-prohibitive in the ANSP environment. That's why our modern technologies can be integrated with any standards-based system you currently run, from existing RADARs through to electronic flight strip systems from popular vendors.

Drone flying over restricted area

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