Extend service provision to drones and UAM or enhance Counter-UAS with intelligence.

Altitude Angel is the established market and technology leader in the delivery of solutions to airports in the field of UTM.

Small airstrip or large international airport, whatever your needs we can help you to:

  • Quickly visualise all drone activity
  • Offer manual and automated drone flight approvals
  • Communicate with any (or all) cooperative drone pilots
  • Integrate data from multiple Counter-UAS sensors to a single platform
  • Quickly identify true non-cooperative drones

The drone and UAM revolution is happening. Don't miss the flight.

The deployment of GuardianUTM Enterprise builds on the capability of the airport and further strengthens our offer to our clients and customers. I'm delighted that Cranfield, in partnership with Altitude Angel, is yet again at the forefront of airport technology.

Robert Abbott, Director of Aviation Operations at Cranfield University

Our Solutions

Our solutions are designed to fully integrate drones safely into everyday ATM activities and systems, while remaining fully future-proof to evolve with the changes which are yet to come in this otherwise very emergent industry.


Integrate with systems of today and enable the services of tomorrow

The future is happening now. GuardianUTM Enterprise allows you to quickly start enabling the services that will become the very foundation of your future airspace infrastructure.

GuardianUTM Enterprise is easy-to-use and configure, requiring minimal training and allowing airports to do more right out of the box. Built on proven cloud-based technology, our UTM services seamlessly integrate with existing systems and require no additional on-site hardware.

Built to survive. Built to last. Built to be future proof.

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Done flight in city

Open your sky, safely.

Digitised approvals for drones, automation and more.

We offer a turn-key solution for airspace managers to review and approve drone operations in real-time and analyse past activity.

As a core function, GuardianUTM Enterprise permits the identification, tracking and communications with individual drone pilots/operators. The solution offers a complete overview of all activity operating in and around designated airspace zones through a single intuitive application.

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UAV delivery over city

Safe. Secure. Intelligent.

All your situation awareness data in one place.

Cooperative air traffic is one thing, but uncooperative is another. Whether you have your own on-site counter-drone detection systems or want to use ours (or use our 'networked surveillance' feature), we've got you covered.

As drone use increases, you don't need visibility you need intelligence. You might be able to detect drones, but do you know which drones are a threat?

As the landscape continues to evolve and more drones enter our airspace, the value of any counter-UAS solution is vastly diminished over time unless it is paired with data from GuardianUTM Enterprise.

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geofencing example from GuardianUTM
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