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Introducing GuardianUTM O_S_ The Airspace Management Operating System


Altitude Angel is an award-winning provider of UTM (Unified Traffic Management) software, enabling those planning to operate, or develop UTM/U-Space solutions, to quickly integrate robust data and services with minimum effort.

By unlocking the potential of drones and helping national aviation authorities, ANSPs, developers and enterprise organisations, Altitude Angel is establishing new services to support the growth in the drone industry.

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Our Mission

We’re committed to unlocking and unifying the airspace, to enable more people to access and utilise the potential of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).


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Who we help

We offer a range of solutions tailored to industries and businesses which have an interest in managing airspace, or building next-gen drones to travel through it. Whether you're looking for fleet or airspace management capabilities, or you need access to the world's most accurate drone navigation data, we've got you covered.

Find out how we help customers similar to you:

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We're helping global ANSPs cut costs while welcoming new entrants to the aviation sector, safely and efficiently.
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We provide UTM services to support safe, secure and scalable aviation.
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Enabling landowners and managers to take control of their own airspace.
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Sea Ports
We provide UTM services to enable ship to shore drone operations.
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Enabling new services from your existing infrastructure.
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Software Developers
Our APIs are intended for use by software developers who wish to integrate these services into their product or solution.
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Drone Manufacturers
Powerful drone and UAV traffic management at your fingertips.
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Our Platform

Our platform is now used in 152 countries across the globe, enabling hundreds of thousands of flight operations to safely take place every month.

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152 Countries
50K Monthly Flights
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We market a range of apps and offer white-labelling across a number of different, popular brands:

dronesafetymap.com & Guardian for iOS and Android

GoDrone from LVNL

Ninox from Avinor

Flysafe from Coverdrone


21 Jun 2022

World ATM Congress 2022


"Altitude Angel is helping us provide real time safety critical information to drone operators in Norway, and doing it in a user friendly way. Since 2020 we have collaborated and rolled out an extensive and detailed system helping the unmanned industry in Norway as well as our Air Traffic Controllers. The data and delivery we get is very useful for our future services to the unmanned community in Norway" - Axel Knutsen, Vice President Unmanned Traffic Management, Avinor Air Navigation Services
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