The Sky. With an API.

Whether you're building drones, or building software (or both!), we've got you covered with out massively scalable, REST-based APIs.

From access to a standardised set of aeronautical data, freshly parsed NOTAMs and numeric risk assessments, through to real-time cloud telemetry aggregation, flight path management and more, you can quickly get a jump on your competitors so that you can focus on doing what it is you do best.

Reduced time-to-market | Increased features | Increased market reach

"We have worked in partnership with Altitude Angel for a number of years. The system they offer enables our customers to make informed decisions for flights based on reliable data. In turn that protects the pilot, the public and the insurer; it also allows the industry to grow in a safer way whilst maintaining a good reputation within the larger community."

Andrew Heath, Coverdrone

Our Solutions

Our solutions are designed to fully integrate drones safely into everyday ATM activities and systems, while remaining fully future-proof to evolve with the changes which are yet to come in this otherwise very emergent industry.

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You can sign up directly for an API key here:

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Accurate, Global Data

The most accurate, up-to-the-moment aerial information; all through our API

Processing aeronautical data accurately is hard. Obtaining it is harder, especially since data that concerns drones often comes from multiple sources even within a single country. Working out if it's actually accurate is harder still. Now imagine that, globally... And that's just one of the problems our data feeds fix.

Staying safe and compliant is an increasingly complex task, and just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone issues a NOTAM. If you don't know what your Q-Lines from your E-Lines are, that's probably a good thing: but luckily for you, we do - and we know how to process NOTAMs so that they accurately reflect the actual restriction they describe.

And of course, if you take our airspace data out, it works beautifully as inputs to our other services, too - which makes your life as a software developer much, much simpler.

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International Integration

Altitude Angel’s API provides global data, integration to flight authorisation systems to simplify your company’s growth across new countries and jurisdictions

You want your app or platform to go global? Not a problem. GuardianUTM is an international UTM solution which automatically interfaces with local system airspace managers and regulators on your behalf, so your data is always accurate no matter where your platform or app is being accessed on the planet.

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Enhanced Mapping

Utilise our API to seamlessly integrate aviation data and let you to focus on your application

You want to focus on your application, so our APIs let you. Integrating aviation data can be a monumental undertaking so at Altitude Angel, we do the mapping, so you don't have to.

Our APIs take complex, cumbersome and often difficult-to-consume aviation and geospatial data and make it accessible in a common, canonical model that is highly compressible and easy to work with. And, most importantly, we keep it up-to-date so you can always be sure regulations and the airspace data are accurate and current.

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Trust and secured growth

"GuardianUTM from Altitude Angel helped drive the data integrity we needed to build trust and grow our business." Dorian Ellis, Founder of Dronedesk


Read our case study

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