Altitude Angel are the world’s most trusted provider of UTM services to drone manufacturers. Period.  


  • The best, most accurate and up-to-date locally relevant data for geofencing, globally.

  • Easy-to-consume and integrate map-ready APIs ensure easy access to everything

  • A portfolio of API services for data access, traffic management, unified flight requests gateway, and more

Whether you're building drones or drone control software, our portfolio of API services was built from the ground-up to give you everything you need, including a reduced time-to-market and development cycle.

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"Altitude Angel provides us with a service which is best in class and it shares DJI’s commitment to ensure future advanced operations - both beyond line-of-sight and automated - can coexist without hampering the millions of safe flights we see today by recreational and professional drone pilots."

DJI Head of Policy, EMEA (2019)

Our Solutions

Our solutions are designed to fully integrate drones safely into everyday activities and systems, while remaining fully future-proof to evolve with the changes which are yet to come in this otherwise very emergent industry.

Drone safety map flight report  and DA map navigation


The most accurate, up-to-the-moment aerial information; all through our API

In today's changing landscape you’re going to need new tools, systems and infrastructure to build out new data sources for geofencing, with highly flexible customisation options that cater for mission variables, individual permissions and more.

GuardianUTM makes it easy to set up a U-Space/UTM compliant centralised geofencing service to support thousands of drones, apps and systems. Our cloud platform is the only service designed to put you in control by giving access to the most authoritative, accurate data sources to accelerate your product development and ensure your customers can fly their drones safely and responsibly.

Geofencing feature example in UK airspace

Enabling BVLOS capabilities

Innovative flight planning tools, including telemetry tracking and deconfliction capability

Unlocking BVLOS will unlock the potential in drone flights and operations. Altitude Angel’s industry leading data, game-changing Conflict Resolution Service and telemetry tracking will provide the platform which allows safe BVLOS flights and operations to happen.

Fixed wing drone flying over countryside

International Integration

Altitude Angel’s API provides global data, integration to flight authorisation systems to simplify development

You want your drone to be flown securely and safely anywhere in the world? Not a problem. GuardianUTM is an international UTM solution which automatically interfaces with local systems, airspace managers and regulators on your behalf, so your data is always accurate no matter where your platform or app is being accessed on the planet.

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