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Altitude Angel's world leading API & Services provide drone manufacturers and software developers with the tools and data to access accurate, up-to-date and relevant aeronautical, environmental, regulatory and drone-centric operational data. Plus, our en-route flight management gives you powerful tools to build the most efficient and safest drone fleet possible.


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Key features

Enhance existing capabilities with fresh, accurate data and flight planning services, or build entirely new services: the choice is yours.

  • One interface to over 155 countries' airspace and ground hazard data

  • Interface directly with UTM systems on a national level, whether or not those services are provided by Altitude Angel*

  • Receive dynamic alerts for potential mid-air collisions using Altitude Angel’s Conflict Resolution Service, as well as other dangers, such as weather and ground hazards

  • Easily identify and understand localised or global airspace information (including altitude restrictions, No Fly Zones, and NOTAMs)

* Requires that the third party UTM has standards-compliant accessible interfaces.

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