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Drone Operators & Pilots

We've made it easier for Operators to do some of your pre-flight safety checks through our Drone Safety Map providing airspace, ground hazard, regulation and weather information.

Our new Airspace Alerts service can also help operators to monitor the airspace within their Area of Operation for changes or important events, such as the detection of a low-flying aircraft.


Easily integrate up-to-date, accurate airspace, ground hazard, regulatory data and/or navigation services through our developer APIs.

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Drone Manufacturers

Imagine if your next drone could automatically avoid hazardous areas, no-fly zones or restricted areas with real-time continuously-updated data.

What if it knew where it was being flown, and automatically helped the pilot fly in compliance with current laws?

What if it could avoid collisions with other drones, or manned aviation?

Key scenarios

Delivered using our Drone Services Platform:

Personalised Geofencing

Flight & Data Logging


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Regulators & Authorities

Our real-time situation awareness data enable us to provide authorities access to an automated UAV air traffic control solution which can communicate with human drone pilots all the way through to fully autonomous drones, keeping the skies safe.

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"Our mission is to enable your drone missions to take place safely."

Richard Parker, Founder & CEO