Altitude Angel empowers landowners and large real estate managers to influence drone operations above their properties and unlock new revenue opportunities 


GuardianUTM Approval Services enables land managers to register their property on leading drone planning and permissioning solutions, providing clarity for drone operators on where they can access for take-off and landing.  Using Approval Services land managers can approve, decline or request amendments to drone flights, facilitating deconfliction with estate drone operations and offering insight into who is flying over their land and for what purpose. 

Without designated drone take-off and landing zones, the influence of land managers over the sky above their property is limited. Furthermore, by establishing land access zones, land managers can levy charges for accessing these areas, creating a revenue stream. Managing and processing drone approvals is easy through the Approval Services digital platform, and provides a full audit trail of the communications and decisions made. 

More information on who can fly drones over private land here.

"By giving landowners, estate managers and those responsible for large areas of real-estate the tools to approve drone operations from the land they manage, we’re opening new places to fly and widening commercial opportunities."

Chris Forster, Altitude Angel, Chief Operating Officer

GuardianUTM Landowners Guide

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Key benefits

Approval Services simple user interface makes it quick and easy for land managers to: 

  • Set up your estate(s) on the most used drone planning maps 

  • Publish land access and drone policies 

  • Set access/processing fees if appropriate 

  • Digitally manage requests for access 

  • Manually or automate approval requests 

  • Improve your view of who is flying over your land

  • Deconflict with your estates drone operations 


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Altitude Angel’s user friendly platform allows landowners to quickly and easily digitise drone permissioning on their estate. 

GuardianUTM Approval Services offers versatile implementation options and is hosted within a secure cloud environment. Operating as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, it consistently evolves to align with changing drone industry requirements. Deployment is overseen by the customer success team to ensure best outcomes. 

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Drone take-off and landing zone on private land

Commercialise drone operations

Benefit from drones

Harness the full potential of drones by enabling drone activities on your property. 

Drones bring numerous benefits to various sectors, from emergencies, inspections, and surveys to deliveries. They positively impact the environment by cutting carbon emissions, easing traffic, speeding up time critical deliveries, and saving resources and money. 

Whether allowing commercial access or establishing a recreational take-off and landing zone, there are valuable commercial benefits to be gained. 


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