Use and manage drones on your land, safely.

Land is a valuable asset. Whether you're looking to provide a means to encourage drone users to fly from your land with your permission, or you have land you need to protect, we can help.

GuardianUTM enables landowners to quickly represent their estates on maps, and to set access policies ("fly here", "don't fly there") and even automate decision making for no, low or fixed or variable costs according to your own schedules.

Our simple user interfaces makes it quick, easy and simple for you to:

  • Set up your estate(s) on our maps
  • Publish access policies
  • Set access/processing fees if appropriate
  • Manage requests for access 

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COMIT2Drones is all about innovation and collaboration with some of the UK’s leading clients and construction companies. We are excited Altitude Angel – who embody these core values – have joined and are committed to delivering enhanced drone technology to the construction sector.

Anthony Shooter, COMIT, Chair of Drone Technology

Our Solutions

Our solutions are designed to fully integrate drones safely into everyday activities and systems, while remaining fully future-proof to evolve with the changes which are yet to come in this otherwise very emergent industry.


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Benefit from drones.

Harness the full potential of drones by opening your estate to commercial drone operations.

The business cases for using drones are rapidly evolving and span virtually every industry, from "blue light" through to industrial inspections, surveys and even deliveries. However drones may be flown, if you've got land, you could benefit from unlocking it so that it's available for use by drone. 

Hobbyist drone user flying on farmland

Protect your estate.

You can't protect against that which you cannot see.

"Light up" your sky with Altitude Angel's Guardian software, enabling you to plugin virtually any sensors, as well as benefit from our networked visibility, so that you can quickly and easily Scan Your Horizon.

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Only Altitude Angel has a turnkey platform to quickly enable you to digitise your entire estate.

Our systems are built to be robust, and rapid: quickly deploy our capability at one - or all - of your facilities, and start benefiting from drones while protecting 'your' airspace today.

drone pilots flying drone in high vis

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