Manage drones on your land, safely

Land is a valuable asset. Whether you're looking to provide a means to encourage drone users to fly from your land with your permission, or you have land you need to protect, we can help.

GuardianUTM Approval Services enables landowners to quickly represent their estates on the most used drone planning maps, set land access  requirements,  and even automate decision making. With a cost neutral implementation option you can be set up quickly and without financial burden.

Our simple user interfaces makes it quick, easy and simple for you to:

  • Set up your estate(s) on the most used drone planning maps

  • Publish land access policies

  • Set access/processing fees if appropriate

  • Digitally manage requests for access

  • Improve your view of who is flying over your land  

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"COMIT2Drones is all about innovation and collaboration with some of the UK’s leading clients and construction companies. We are excited Altitude Angel – who embody these core values – have joined and are committed to delivering enhanced drone technology to the construction sector."

Anthony Shooter, COMIT, Chair of Drone Technology

GuardianUTM Landowners Guide

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Benefit from drones

Harness the full potential of drones by enabling drone activities on your property.

Drones bring numerous benefits to various sectors, from emergencies, inspections, and surveys to deliveries. They positively impact the environment by cutting carbon emissions, easing traffic, speeding up time critical deliveries, and saving resources and money.

Whether allowing commercial access or establishing a recreational takeoff and landing zone, there are valuable benefits to be gained.

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Put your land to work

Generate revenue through land access.

Through GuardianUTM Approval Services, landowners can generate income from land access as well as cover administrative and permissioning costs linked to drone operations. Establish a flexible rate card offering different choices based on operators' flight locations and times. Drone operators pick a service tier when seeking flight plan approval, and payment is taken on the platform upon approval.

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Get Started Immediately

Altitude Angel’s user friendly platform allows landowners to quickly and easily digitise drone permissioning on their estate.

Gain a complete digital record of land access requests, showing who intends to fly over your property, why, and when. With a designated takeoff and landing zone landowners can coordinate with other estate activities, including their own drone operations, livestock management, or public spaces, for the establishment of secure drone flight zones – ensuring safety for all.

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