Unlocking the Potential of U-space Technology

Altitude Angel is a true leader in U-space technology and has earned the trust of various Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) to deliver UTM and U-space solutions. Our best-in-class technology ensures the safe integration of uncrewed traffic into both controlled and uncontrolled airspace.  As an integral part of our U-space services, we deliver cutting-edge Common Information Service (CIS) technology solutions, enabling those operating in this area to fully utilise U-space capabilities.

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Open and Interoperable Interface: 


Altitude Angel's CIS Gateway establishes a secure, high-performance, and reliable interface connecting ANSPs with various U-space stakeholders, such as USSPs, authorities, national registration, public safety and defence. 


The CIS offering by Altitude Angel serves as a common, open, and interoperable interface for USSPs. It enables the smooth exchange of both static and dynamic geo-awareness, fostering seamless collaboration among U-space stakeholders. This facilitates the sharing of flight information for enhanced cooperation. 

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Proven and scalable: 


The platform provides efficiency through robust Software-as-a-Service, ensuring a highly scalable and cost-effective solution. It can be swiftly and seamlessly deployed to deliver services fully compliant with both U-space and ATM standards. With a decade of experience, Altitude Angel has consistently delivered secure, performant, and resilient data services to U-space stakeholders. Our platform architecture is specifically designed to meet the industry's rapid growth and scalability challenges. Currently, it processes hundreds of millions of interactions each month, connecting our global network of integrated innovators and users.

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Authorisation Broker: 


The Altitude Angel CIS system functions as an authorisation broker, effectively directing UAS plans to the nationally adopted UTM system, such as our GuardianUTM platform, where approvals to operate in controlled airspace can be managed. Real-time updates on authorisation status are shared through our open API to USSPs, ensuring operational transparency. 

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