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Converting underutilised land into a vertiport offers landowners revenue through commercial drone activity land access approvals and increased property value. Additionally, it supports societal benefits like faster deliveries, reduced traffic, and environmental gains, contributing to a sustainable future. 

Realising these benefits is effortless with the adoption of Altitude Angel's GuardianUTM Approval Services drone permissioning platform. Offering straightforward implementation choices, land managers can rapidly establish the necessary technology alongside the infrastructure.

"Aviation goes beyond the traditional modes of flying and is fast becoming a hub of revolutionary new methods of flight so it’s important that the UK is ready for the next generation of flight."

Aviation Minister, Baroness Vere (2023).

Forecasts predict the UK's drone economy to contribute £45Bn by 2030*, easing traditional transportation issues. Reduced traffic and emissions align with environmental goals, with an estimated 2.4M tons less carbon emissions. Crucially, drones deliver time sensitive, high-value items faster and more efficiently, trimming costs for budget-conscious organisations such as the NHS.

example of a vertiport deployed at a factory

To realise these benefits, a network of drone 'hubs' or vertiports is essential. These locations enable seamless drone integration into the  UK's drone superhighway. Creating a vertiport opens revenue opportunities for landowners, converting commercial or underutilised land into dedicated launch and landing sites, capitalising on new transport methods' commercial advantages. 

Requirements for a vertiport include:

  • Suitable Location: Easily accessible, strategically situated for seamless connectivity with ground transportation modes.

  • Take Off & Landing Management: Facilitiated by Altitude Angel's GuardianUTM Approval Services platform which allows land access permissioning and fee payment.

  • Power Supply Infrastructure: Reliable and scalable power supply to meet the demands of Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft and other on-site facilities, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

List view approval in Zone Manager

Key benefits of creating a vertiport on your estate:


Revenue Generation - Convert underutilised land into a valuable income source through lease agreements with drone operators and land access approvals. 

Economic Contribution: Contribute to the growing drone economy, which is predicted to have a significant positive impact on the local and national economy and promote a national saving of £22bn by 2023* 

Green Transportation: Support your CSR initiatives through environmentally friendly transport solutions by enabling the efficient movement of goods and reducing road traffic congestion and emissions. 

Innovation Hub: Become a part of the cutting-edge drone industry, attracting technological innovation and fostering collaboration with industry experts. 

Job Creation: Stimulate employment opportunities, directly through vertiport operations and indirectly through related support services.  The drone economy is predicted to create 640k+ jobs by 2030*. 

Long-Term Sustainability: Participate in building a sustainable future by supporting the growth of a technology that has the potential to revolutionise various industries. 

Manage my missions operator portal

The UK is pioneering the use of drone technology through its Future Flight Programme.  Altitude Angel, in partnership with industry experts, is establishing the inaugural drone superhighway connecting vital hubs. Going beyond short-haul flights, this visionary concept seeks to revolutionise the drone industry by enabling long-distance, beyond visual line of sight operations. Landowners now possess the opportunity to benefit from this transport revolution from its inception. 


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*PWC Skies Without Limits v2.0 

Map of project Skyway route

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