Elevate Your Drone Operations with ARROW Technology from Altitude Angel

In the advancing landscape of drone technology, Altitude Angel’s ARROW is a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly integrates with GuardianUTM the leading drone planning and approval platform. ARROW makes Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone operations possible by providing real-time situational awareness of the skies. Using a network of masts and sensors, ARROW generates multiple real-time feeds, combining them into a single, comprehensive digital view of air traffic activity. 

UAV flying over built up area in construction during sunset


Precision and Adaptability with ARROW Masts

ARROW masts, strategically placed along designated routes and in areas benefiting from automated BVLOS drone activity, serve as the backbone of this enabling technology. Tailored to the specific requirements of the surrounding topography and landscaping, ARROW masts have a variable range of visibility and are spaced accordingly, typically this is at optimal intervals of approximately 8km. Altitude Angel's commitment to environmental conservation is reflected in the diverse mast options available, from integration into existing infrastructure like buildings or telecoms masts to custom built deployments along specified routes.


The versatility of ARROW extends to the creation of specialised 'zones' for unique events or temporary needs. For added flexibility, a mobile mast option can open up temporary coverage for search and rescue missions or routine drone surveys in specific areas.

Sensor Excellence for Comprehensive Airspace Awareness


At the core of each ARROW mast lies a state-of-the-art sensor array, carefully calibrated to terrain and operational requirements. These sensors, both passive and active, include optical sensors, machine learning-powered aircraft identification, radio frequency detectors, and ADS-B technology. The combination of these best-in-class sensors ensures a comprehensive understanding of the airspace. The data streams from each mast are expertly fused and seamlessly transmitted into GuardianUTM, painting a complete and real-time picture of the airspace.

Existing infrastructure for ARROW

Self-Sufficient ARROW Masts for Uninterrupted Operations


The beauty of ARROW masts lies in their self-sufficiency. Unlike other setups, these masts, including the temporary ones, come equipped with their own power supply and internet capabilities. This independence ensures reliability and flexibility, as ARROW masts don't rely on external electricity or internet sources.

Mobile setup of ARROW masts

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