UK Government Select Altitude Angel to Represent ‘Team GB’ at World of Drones & Robotics Congress

Aug 13 2021

Posted by Altitude Angel Announcement

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London, UK: Altitude Angel, the world’s most trusted unified traffic management (UTM) technology provider, has been selected to represent the UK at the upcoming World of Drones & Robotics Congress 

Taking place 18-19 August 2021 in Brisbane, Australia, the World of Drones & Robotics Congress (WoDaRC) is in its fifth year and will be the largest drone and robotics applications congress in the Asia Pacific region. Previously The World Drone Congress, this year organisers of the event have expanded its purview to include the exciting field of robotics.

Altitude Angel, as one of ten businesses to represent the UK, will have a reserved position in the Department for International Trade’s virtual pavilion.  Here, attendees of the Congress, both physical and virtual, will have the opportunity to speak with the team at Altitude Angel and learn more about its award-winning technology, real-world deployments and its work and partnerships with ANSPs, enterprise customers and development platforms.

Richard Parker, Altitude Angel, CEO and founder, said: “It’s an honour for Altitude Angel to represent the UK at the World of Drones & Robotics Congress. The Congress will provide us with a superb platform on which we’re able to showcase our market-leading platform to key stakeholders in the Asia Pacific region, an area which has traditionally been early to trial, adopt and deploy cutting edge technology.”

Anyone wanting to arrange a virtual meeting with the team at Altitude Angel can do so via

WoDaRC brings together domestic and international drones, robotics, and autonomous systems’ business representatives, pilots, manufacturers, developers, and academics to connect, collaborate and co-create.