Deploy airspace intelligence virtually anywhere on the planet for one-click situation awareness anywhere.


Wherever there's a need to quickly manage an evolving airspace situation, which optionally includes the use of drones (such as wildfires and other natural disaster areas, high-risk events and more), the Pop-Up UTM capability from Altitude Angel and Inmarsat brings you many of the same features and benefits as our permanent deployments for a temporary duration at a location of your choice.


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Emergency services worker preparing drone


  • Live telemetry for virtually any compatible drone visible to our Surveillance API, via Satellite connectivity.

  • Tactical CRS works with any data available on our Surveillance API to ensure that conflicting flight paths can be spotted and corrected as early as possible while in-flight. Works with electronically conspicuous manned and unmanned aircraft and optionally uses ground-based (active) sensors.

  • Quickly communicate with all airspace users, and close or open regions of airspace at the touch of a button.

  • 'Single pane of glass' through which to manage and visualise a complex and changing airspace environment in real-time, on-the-go anywhere.

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Geofencing feature example in UK airspace

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