Altitude Angel's Operator Portal is a powerful tool that supports both recreational drone pilots and professional operators in planning and managing their drone flights safely and efficiently. Our comprehensive platform is designed to streamline the process of obtaining flight authorisations and ensure compliance with regulations. 

Regardless of whether you conduct multiple drone operations or manage a team of skilled pilots, the Operator Portal serves as a centralised hub for seamless coordination. It offers a single view of all flight plans and authorisations, which can be easily shared among a team of drone operators. This invaluable capability allows pilots to focus on their operations while benefiting from the convenience of centralised administration. 


Operator Portal home screen Altitude Angel


Mission Planning Made Easy

Our GuardianUTM Operator Portal features a user-friendly pre-flight planning tool that enables drone operators to plan and execute flights while maintaining compliance with regulations.

This portal provides digital access to essential airspace and land access information in one convenient location, empowering you to create and submit flight plans and obtain authorisations with ease.  


Manage missions screen operator portal


Flying Your Drone with Confidence


When using Altitude Angel's GuardianUTM Operator Portal, you can pair it with our free mobile application, Drone Assist, which serves as a valuable companion in the field. The mobile app provides crucial insights into air and ground risks within your operating area.

Whether you prefer using the Operator Portal or the mobile app, you can submit flight plans requests and obtain pre-flight authorisations in GuardianUTM-enabled UTM Ready Zones. Additionally, you can easily view and manage your submitted Flight Plans on either platform, even while in the field. 


Drone Assist manage Flight Plan
Getting Started is Simple

To access Altitude Angel's
GuardianUTM services, including the Operator Portal and Drone Assist app, register for a free account here. Our platform prioritises security and allows users the option when registering to use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to safeguard their identity.

After adding your details and signing the Terms and Conditions, you'll be ready to start planning your next flight confidently.


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