Drone flight planning & fleet management

Altitude Angel's Operator Portal is a free, easy to use drone flight planning tool tailored for both recreational and commercial drone operators. It enables safe and efficient flight planning and management by streamlining the process of obtaining flight authorisations and ensuring regulatory compliance, particularly in controlled airspace. The platform provides comprehensive visibility of hazards and general airspace information.  

In addition to planning and approval requests, the Operator Portal offers a centralised view of all flight plans and authorisations, which can be easily shared among a team of drone operators. This feature enhances operational efficiency by allowing operators to concentrate on their missions while benefiting from centralised administration. 


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Key features

Operator Portal can be used in conjunction with our free mobile app, Drone Assist, providing a seamless experience with a single login for both platforms. Plan in advance from your computer with Operator Portal and use Drone Assist on location to get up-to-the-minute information on air and ground risks at the time of flight. This is crucial for ensuring safety, as airspace conditions can change between planning and operation. 


With both Operator Portal and Drone Assist, you can submit flight plan requests and obtain pre-flight authorisations in UTM Ready Zones. Additionally, you can easily view and manage your submitted flight plans on either platform, even while in the field. This integrated approach ensures you have all the tools needed for comprehensive drone flight planning and management. 

View of flight plans in operator portal

  • Drone fleet management: Efficiently manage your entire fleet of drones with ease 

  • Centralised drone planning administration: Streamline operations with a centralised hub for all drone planning activities 

  • Integration with Drone Assist: Enjoy seamless integration and single signon with the Drone Assist mobile app 

  • Digital approvals in UTM Ready zones: Obtain digital flight approvals quickly and easily in UTM Ready Zones

Selecting a flight area for a flight plan in an approval area on operator portal


Our mobile app

Discover more about our mobile app, Drone Assist, featuring its 'Fly Now' functionality.


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