Drone Planning and Approval App for Drone Operators

Drone Assist, a leading drone flight planning app, enables drone operators to identify no-fly areas and avoid potential ground hazards, ensuring safety and compliance. It also facilitates seamless digital approvals in UTM Ready Zones. 

Whether commercial or recreational, drone operators can plan drone operations in advance or use the convenient fly-now feature for efficient pre-flight checks. By submitting flight plans, operators contribute to greater lower airspace awareness, promoting safety for all users. 

A global app for drone flight planning and approval, Drone Assist boasts a #1 ranking in the UK. Continuously updated with new features, it offers multilingual support in Dutch and Spanish. 

Drone operators worldwide trust Drone Assist for streamlined planning and approval processes. 

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Key features

Drone Assist: Your essential flight planning app

  • Identify no-fly zones and hazards

  • Streamlined approvals in UTM Ready Zones

  • Submit flight plans for compliance and airspace awareness

  • Fly Now feature

  • International coverage with a #1 UK ranking

  • Regular updates with additional features

  • Available in Dutch and Spanish

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"Every drone pilot needs to use this software. The level of detail you get is incredible and gives you alerts if other drone users are operating in your area. It can also cover you if challenged by anyone - that you have done flight planning and risk assessment to your best ability."

"A brilliant programme that assists drone operators in pre-flight planning, offers assurance and confidence in doing ‘the right thing’, and being conscientious of other airspace users and of the environment your operating within."


Using the app

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