UTM Ready Zone

'UTM Ready' refers to an area of controlled airspace or a land access zone designated within Altitude Angel's GuardianUTM platform and integrated flight planning apps and solutions. In aviation UTM stands for Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management. These zones are established to facilitate digital approvals, simplifying the process for drone operators to request permission for operations within or from these designated areas. Zone managers benefit from a user-friendly, streamlined platform enabling them to communicate with drone operators, approving, declining, or requesting changes to flight plans, all while maintaining a comprehensive audit trail of communications visible to both parties. 

With an increasing number of UTM Ready zones available on GuardianUTM, Altitude Angel is actively contributing to a safer and more inclusive sky for all.

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Benefits of a UTM Ready Zone

  • Streamlined Approval Process: Simplify the approval process for drone operations 

  • Enhanced Communication: Benefit from a user-friendly platform that facilitates clear communication between drone operators and zone managers, ensuring efficient coordination of drone flight activities

  • Comprehensive Audit Trail: Maintain a detailed record of all communications and approvals, providing transparency and accountability for all parties involved in drone operations  

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Becoming UTM Ready

If you encounter difficulties gaining approval for a specific area where you frequently fly, please inform us of your location as we continue to expand our zone coverage. 

For landowners or airspace managers interested in becoming UTM Ready, we offer cost-effective options and a straightforward setup process. Get in touch with us below to explore how you can establish your area as UTM Ready. 

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