Intellectual Property Policy


This policy statement sets out the manner in which Altitude Angel Limited and its associated companies (“Altitude Angel”) deals with intellectual property rights (“IPR”).  IPR includes without limitation patent rights, trade marks and service marks, domain names, copyright (including copyright in software), design patents, database rights, rights in trade secrets and other confidential information, and rights in IP–related agreements.

Altitude Angel invests significant amounts of engineering and financial resources into developing its products and processes.  As a result, Altitude Angel takes the resultant IPR seriously. Altitude Angel IPRs provide significant market and technological advantages.  The company is committed to preserving and enhancing its competitive position through strategic IPR portfolio management and will always afford proper attention to identifying, capturing, protecting and exploiting IP and to avoiding infringement of the IP rights of third parties.

The Altitude Angel IPR portfolio is under the management of Dentons (specifically, Dr Justin Hill).  Dr Hill has been recognized by all leading independent legal directories as one of a select number of Leaders in the Field of IP.  He has extensive experience coordinating global IPR strategies and, where necessary, litigation for leading technology companies.

Altitude Angel rights include patent claims directed to (as examples):

  • Apparatus, method(s) and systems for flight management, specifically the resolution of conflicting flight paths for drones; and

  • Systems, apparatus and method(s) for an aircraft superhighway system 

Altitude Angel reserves its patent rights internationally and by default pursues PCT and national patent filings globally.  Altitude Angel is also the owner of further IPRs that protect its products, processes, software, websites, designs, trading style, technologies and other valuable business assets including but not limited to trade mark rights, rights in passing off and unfair competition, trade secrets, database rights, design rights and copyrights.

Unauthorized use of Altitude Angel IPR  damages not only our business and our partners but the industry as a whole.  Altitude Angel always respects the IPR of others and expects others to respect its rights in return.


Altitude Angel may from time to time consider entering into licensing arrangements.  It should be understood, however, that:

  1. Every situation is unique and may not warrant a license at all, or may warrant terms that differ from those offered with regard to other IPR, and

  2. Altitude Angel only grants licenses in writing. Under no circumstances shall licenses or other transactions involving Altitude Angel be understood to convey any “implied” rights not specified in the formal terms and conditions.

Third Party Rights

It is Altitude Angel policy to respect third party IPR and not knowingly to infringe any third party IPR.  We believe we take appropriate steps to minimise the risk of infringing third party IPR. If any third party is aware of, or suspects that, any of their IPR being used in an unauthorized manner in connection with Altitude Angel business, they are requested to contact Altitude Angel immediately on or via post to:

FAO: Armando J. Tirado
Legal & Corporate Affairs
Altitude Angel
The Blade
United Kingdom