CEO Series: Why I'm Proud to Lead Our Teams

Jun 9 2021

Posted by Altitude Angel CEO Series

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This post is part of a series by our Founder & CEO, Richard Parker.

You might notice a little change to how we look through the month of June. That’s because it’s National Pride Month and we want to show our support: not because 'Pride' is a movement, but because there’s still prejudice, ‘taboo’, and inequality in the way LGBTQ+ people are treated. 

This month in particular, we celebrate our diverse team, and our belief that diverse teams are enriched as a function of their diversity: not because it’s trendy, “woke”, or because there are ‘quotas’ to hit, but because the best hiring policy is the one that recognises the value a person brings and how that value is unleashed when people are free to be themselves without any fear or encumbrance. And because doing anything else is simply not right. 

Altitude Angel demonstrates trust, integrity, respect and innovation in every engagement we have, and we try to embody these values in our products and services and in how we do business as a company. 

We’ve touched the lives of nearly 100 families since our incorporation. And, in my small way as CEO and Founder of Altitude Angel, I want to highlight how grateful I am to the people that come spend their time with us and help us change the landscape of aviation. That isn’t easy. That is a continuous struggle, particularly amid all the misinformation, disrespectful, disloyal and dishonourable business practices we’ve witnessed being embodied by even the biggest companies and brands out there. They should do better.

I personally believe that building a brand that stands for trust, integrity and respect is best not only for our company, but for the people that help us build it. We are all our best when we are free to be who we are. And when I see corporates misbehaving in their everyday businesses, it makes me wonder what kind of culture they foster in their teams. 

I’m striving to personally create an environment in which we all – every person – can feel safe, welcome, and empowered to do their best work. To be their best self.  And, crucially, to create a company that we can all truly be proud of. 

As a Company, we’re diverse in our approach to the market, too: we speak the truth in our marketing, unlike almost every competitor. We don’t engage in the sorts of tactics that are employed by even some of the largest corporates out there in order to win market position. And, when it comes to our team, we’re fiercely defensive of our rights to build a culture that is inclusive of all our differences.  

We think being unique – as a company – is an incredible advantage. We lead from the front foot in every engagement with our values (indeed, we’ve walked away from ‘wins’ that aren’t above-board).  

And we wish more people – more companies – did that too. 

Are we perfect? I’m sure we’re not (anyone that thinks they are is instantaneously and permanently locked in that moment forever: they'll never change, adapt or improve. How could they? They're perfect). But, are we working, every day, to use whatever means we can to improve our community? Yes. Are we striving to behave like a better company, every day? Yes. 

To my teams, thank you for stepping-up, for leading the charge, and for being, well, you.  

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