Handling confidential information at Altitude Angel

We are often asked about our arrangements for handling confidential information. This statement summarises key elements of our position and procedures:

1. We do not make available the names or contact details of any customers or enquiry, unless we are asked to make an introduction between customers or believe one may be beneficial, where we will obtain consent from both first.

2. We may, unless otherwise agreed, refer to the names of companies with which we work or service, but never name specific individuals or use cases, unless covered in a mutually agreed ‘case study’ or another similar document.

3. We do not disclose details about customer projects or products, including how particular customers make use of our services.

4. In the ordinary conduct of our business, it is usually not necessary for us to be in receipt of any trade secrets, ‘know-how’, or other confidential information and/or intellectual property to make recommendations about our products or services, or to provide technical support.

a. It is good business practice to always minimise the disclosure of any confidential information to that which is strictly necessary to fulfil a specific objective.

b. In case a customer does feel the need to share confidential information with our employees, we ask our customers to disclose only carefully and diligently the minimum amount strictly necessary to help us service their requirements. Never divulge ‘trade secrets’ or specific ‘know-how’.

c. All employees have specific clauses in their employment agreements with us that prohibit use of any trade secrets or confidential business information relating to or belonging to customers, job applicants, customer lists or requirements, and similar, for any purpose other than that for which it was made available, and in any case, never for their “own purposes”, with general restrictions on disclosure outside of our company.

d. We have robust confidential information provisions and procedures internally for marking, storing, and handling confidential information belonging to us, and our customers.

5. As a business rule, we refrain from entering into specific confidentiality agreements or non-disclosure agreements (particularly with non-customers and/or prospective customers) on the basis that they are generally unnecessary for both parties.

a. On the rare occasions where we do deem it necessary to have a formal agreement in place, we will typically insist on issuing our own agreement, which provides for limited duration, tight controls and only the minimum scope necessary to cover both parties.

6. If you wish to report a concern relating to confidentiality, in the first instance you should approach the matter with your primary contact at Altitude Angel. If, after five working days, you do not receive or are not satisfied with a response, you should contact us via email at confidentiality@altitudeangel.com 


January 2022