FAA facility map data now available online, in-app and in our developer APIS with pre-filled waiver forms

May 4, 2017

We are pleased to announce the release of ‘FAA Facility Maps’ data across our platform (online, in-app and in our developer APIs). This data can be used by drone pilots operating under Part 107 rules to determine whether their operation is likely to be approved or rejected by local authorities when requesting exemptions to operate within controlled airspace.

The data describes a series of vertical extents within controlled airspace, above which it is likely the authorities will reject permission to fly. Note that permission is not granted automatically, even if your flight ceiling is under the specified limit.

To see the data, make sure you have selected ‘Part 107’ regulations from the filter menu (this will enable the ‘FAA Facility Data’ checkbox, which you can then enable).

Note that the FAA have not yet published grids for every volume of airspace, so if you want to check out the new data, take a look at Aniak airport:


Aniak Airport, without FAA Facility Map data

With the FAA Facility Data checkbox enabled, we will now display the grid data for regions it is available. Each of these boxes has a maximum altitude associated with it:

Aniak Airport, with FAA Facility Map data switched on

Clicking on the grid will items will display the maximum altitude together with other information that you will find useful if you fill in the FAA waiver form – e.g. the latitude and longitude in degrees, minutes and seconds for the area you clicked, the aerodrome’s ICAO code and the airspace class:

Clicking one of the boxes in the region will display all the relevant information you will need to complete the waiver form and translate the latitude and longitude of your target area into degress, minutes and seconds.

There is also a link to the waiver form that will open in a new tab.

We hope you find this information useful.

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