Demonstration: end-to-end ATM/UTM communication with our partners, Frequentis

June 6, 2018

Earlier this year, Altitude Angel successfully demonstrated a world-first interconnection between a UTM system and the ATM system with its partners, Frequentis AG.

Below, we share an end-to-end video demonstration of the integration between our UTM operating system, GuardianUTM, Frequentis Comsoft’s CADAS ATS, AIDA-NG and smartStrip solutions, and an interconnection with the Frequentis Voice Control Switch systems.

As part of GuardianUTM we also highlight the airspace management capabilities to set up 'drone control zones' that facilitate a level of automated processing of requests and associated digital approvals to fly.

Using these technologies, airspace managers can easily deploy robust, ATM-grade UTM technologies that solve the very real-world problems affecting many commercial drone pilots and airspace managers today that don't require any additional equipment, expensive training and new procedures.

Using GuardianUTM to digitally manage their airspace and divide it into zones with highly-configurable processing rules, airspace managers can reduce their workload while maintaining or improving safety by enabling the system to approve or reject flights that match specified criteria (in certain zones, for certain purposes or undertaken by certain companies or users), while deferring more complex requests for human review and manual processing in a scalable and secure way.

For more information about deploying this solution, please contact Altitude Angel ([email protected]) or your Frequentis account manager.

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