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Frequently asked Questions:

Emulating the approach already successfully established in manned aviation, where Mandatory Occurrence Report (MOR) and Voluntary Occurrence Reports (VOR) are submitted following an incident, Altitude Angel has established a similar reporting system for drone pilots and operators to report an event.

Prior to our introducing this reporting form, there was no industry-wide function for drone pilots and operators to report or register any unplanned event they or their drone were involved in. The result of this meant instances were being repeated again and again, which could have been easily prevented if learnings were made at an early stage and then widely shared.

The Altitude Angel reporting system is an anonymous web portal where drone operators are asked to fill in a small number of questions if they experience something unexpected. Altitude Angel collate the findings before making them available to the wider industry in order for each business segment to apply the appropriate learnings and improve safety.

The information you submit will never be used to identify you.

Should the episode be serious enough to warrant a VOR submission, the drone pilot or operator is redirected to the CAA website where it states ‘the purpose of occurrence reporting is to improve aviation safety by ensuring relevant safety information relating to civil aviation is reported, collected, stored, protected, exchanged, disseminated and analysed. It is not to attribute blame or liability.’

Reporting an unexpected events is not a 'get out of jail free’ card for irresponsible or criminal behaviour, but it does allow considerate pilots and operators to learn from others and take measures to prevent, or at the very least vastly reduce, the chances of the same type of event happening again.  This responsible attitude to reporting can only reduce incidents and improve safety.

Incident Information
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