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How we help...

Whether you fly for fun or professionally, our solutions for drone pilots will help you plan and conduct your flights safely, efficiently and remain compliant with local laws. What's more, when you fly with us, you're helping to keep the skies safer, for everyone.

Take Flight

We’re making it easier & safer for you to fly

Flying a drone might look easy, but it takes some true skill and knowledge regulations your environment. Like driving, where there are rules of the road, there are also rules which need to be followed in the sky to ensure you and those around to stay safe. Our free app will show you where you can and cannot fly, what you may need to look out for, what obstacles could be in the way and where you may need permission from third parties to fly your drone.

Download Guardian (Drone Flight Planning) on Android  Download Guardian (Drone Flight Planning) on iOS

Incident Reporting

If a flight doesn’t go well, tell us

Not every flight will be perfect. At Altitude Angel we believe safety comes first and is key to ensuring the drone industry not only grows, but thrives. This is why we’re championing ‘just culture’ reporting so we can all learn the lessons from others mistakes, and hopefully not repeat them. So if you’re involved in an incident which others could learn from, let us know.

Visit our Incident Reporting Page

Launch your Industry

Join your fellow fliers and represent your community

Over 100,000 people in the UK have downloaded and regularly use the apps Altitude Angel has developed. Powered by our market-leading data, which is sourced from official agencies, government bodies and respected third parties from all across the globe, you can be sure the picture you are seeing is one you can trust.

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