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Altitude Angel is the global leader for integrating UTM systems into existing ATM infrastructure for airports and airfields worldwide. From small landing strips to large commercial airports, our solution is scalable and quickly deployable to meet various requirements and needs.

GuardianUTM Enterprise provides an intuitive mechanism to automate digitised approvals to enable authorised drone use, enhancing airport operations with greater insight into airspace use.

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...Take Control

Take control of a drone eco-system with a deeply-connected system capable of tracking and communicating with drone operators in a single, live interface.



Integrate with systems of today and enable the services of tomorrow

Altitude Angel’s solution unlocks the ability for airports to become next-generation transportation hubs and attract new uses for drones within airspace.

GuardianUTM Enterprise is easy-to-use and configure, requiring minimal training and allowing airports to do more right out of the box. Built on proven cloud-based technology, our UTM services seamlessly integrate with existing systems and require no additional on-site hardware.

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Drone Control Airspace

Open the Sky

Digitised approvals for unmanned aircraft

We offer a turn-key solution for airspace managers to review and approve drone operations in real-time.

As a core function, GuardianUTM Enterprise permits the identification, tracking and communications with individual drone pilots/operators. The solution offers a complete overview of all activity accessing and operating in and around designated airspace zones through a single intuitive application.

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Airport & Aerodrome Drone Security

Safe & Secure

Single situational awareness

When managing airspace, security is of paramount importance to the safety of airspace stakeholders and users. The need to identify authorised drone activity versus unauthorised/uncooperative becomes even more dynamic and challenging at scale. Altitude Angel's solutions provide a single-source-of-truth, or common air picture, by drawing data from multiple sources, including Counter-UAS and ADS-B.

GuardianUTM Enterprise empowers users to quickly validate drone activity and ensure detection of unauthorised drones is rapid, and response is proportionate and informed.

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