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Pre-notification is especially important in today’s busy airspace where complex air traffic scenarios can develop rapidly. The new [Airspace User Portal] service, powered by our deployment of GuardianUTM O/S, will enable our ATC units to see the requests well in advance and plan ahead, which will benefit everyone involved.

Tammy Storrow, NATS, Terminal Control Safety Improvement Specialist

Read how we enabled Europe's busiest airport, London Heathrow, to take full advantage of the emerging commercial drone economy.

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How we help...

As a modern aviation technology company, Altitude Angel is a leading provider of standardised UTM systems which integrate with ATM technology, with the support from our strategic partner Frequentis AG.

We produce several software products aimed at addressing and supporting different industries and businesses who want to utilise the use of drones within the aerodrome environment, without disrupting GA activity.

Our GuardianUTM O/S platform provides a mechanism to automate and, where necessary, involve air traffic controllers in providing digitised approvals so legitimate, approved drone use within the aerodrome can flourish.

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Receive a detailed demonstration of our GuardianUTM fully-tailored to your aerodrome's existing infrastructure, at a time and location that suits you.

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...Take Control

Take control of your drone eco-system with a deeply-connected system capable of tracking and communicating with drone operators in a single, live interface.


Airport & Aerodrome Drone Security


Single Situational Awareness across multiple data sources; including integration with CounterUAV

Security is key to enabling the smooth run and continual operations of your airport. But what happens if someone spots a drone…?  Altitude Angel’s solutions provide you with a single source of truth by drawing data from multiple data sources, including counter-UAV – so you’re able to quickly and easily identify the authorised users, authorised users acting outside of their authorisation and the unauthorised.  With this information you will have the ability to make the correct decision and take appropriate action.

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Drone Control Airspace


Registration, Identification and Tracking

For airports, we can provide a ready-to-go and fully customisable solution for drone operators to digitally register their credentials across your aerodrome as well as their drones, qualifications and exemptions. Our solution will allow you to identify, track and communicate with individual aircraft/operators, letting you manage the authorisation process for drones to access and operate in your airspace.

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Innovation with Integration

Airspace Management, Automation & Integration with existing systems

Acquiring additional services often means purchasing additional hardware.  Altitude Angel’s proven technology can seamlessly be integrated with the existing structures within your facilities, workflows and procedures.  We can provide the appropriate resources and training, allowing you to do more.

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