Flight Reports with Airspace Alerts

Perfect for drone professionals and hobbyists who want a quick and easy way to have a positive impact on airspace drone safety.

Flight Reports

Our clever Flight Reports feature gives you the ability to tell others when and where you are flying your drone. You can do this in moments with a simple tap on our app, which will securely announce your flight location with others who are operating nearby.

Join thousands of other drone pilots who care about drone safety and are reporting their flights daily to help make our skies more secure.

Airspace Alerts

With our Airspace Alerts service, you'll receive worldwide real-time airspace monitoring and notifications direct to your device or app.

Airspace Alerts enables you to be notified of important airspace information while you’re flying your drone. We’ve created it to help drone operators track the airspace within the Area of Operation when they create a Flight Report. We will notify you of changes or important events, such as the detection of a low-flying aircraft or the activation/deactivation of a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) or a no-fly zone.


Get heads-up notifications using hyper-local weather forecasting.

Changes to Airspace Rules

Get instant notice of NOTAMs and airspace activation/de-activation in realtime.

Nearby drones

See nearby drones and planned flights near your area of operation.

Manned aviation

Get real-time inbound low traffic alerts for most manned aircraft*

Safety messages

In supported locations, get safety messages direct from airspace authorities.

*Where seen through ADS-B

How does it work?

When you submit a flight report – either at the time you fly or in advance – you can optionally activate Airspace Alerts. Airspace Alerts will begin monitoring the airspace from the moment you fly, until you tell us you’re done.

If you’re using our apps, we’ll send you push notifications each time something important happens in the airspace around you. If you’re an app developer, you can embed Airspace Alerts functionality in your own apps, too.

Where does Airspace Alerts work?

We have data for just about every country, but, like all things, we rely heavily on the data we’re given by our partners and sometimes that’s not complete.

Equally, for manned aviation, not all aircraft are visible to Altitude Angel all of the time (a problem faced even by air traffic control authorities). It’s important to recognise that, while Airspace Alerts is a fantastic way to improve your situation awareness, it’s not intended as a substitute for carrying out your normal due diligence activities while operating your drone.

How do I get started?

To begin, download our apps or visit Drone Safety Map and file your first Flight Report today.