Drone Operators

Whether you fly for fun or professionally, Altitude Angel's solutions for Drone Operators will help you plan and conduct your flights safely, efficiently and remain compliant with local laws. When you fly with Altitude Angel, you're helping to keep the skies safer, for everyone.

Guardian App

Download Guardian (free on iOS and Android) to learn about an environment before you fly in it. Covering regulated airspace, restricted, danger and hazardous areas as well as real-time dynamically updated NOTAM and TFR notices, Guardian is the only way to fly with the best data in over 40 countries.

Guardian is also connected to GuardianUTM: our production UTM system designed to help keep everyone safer, by telling you about nearby manned aviation and helping you to broadcast data about your own flights with others.

Drone Safety Map

Our online safety map covers more than 40 countries with accurate, real-time updates to aeronautical and ground hazards, helping you to plan and conduct your drone flights more safely. It’s great for those jobs you’re planning ahead of time, or when you want to research an area before your flight.

Flight Reports with Airspace Alerts

Flight Reports cater for professionals and hobbyists who want a quick, easy way to have a positive impact on the safety of the airspace in which they intend to fly, by giving others a heads up about their flight and who want to know when other aircraft or drones are operating nearby.