Drone Pilots & Operators

Helping you plan and conduct your drone operations safely and productively.

Safety first.

We recognise the power of drone technology to transform lives and revolutionise businesses, but flying safely is becoming an increasingly complex and difficult task. Thanks to Altitude Angel, you can now access the world's most accurate and up-to-date data to help you plan, conduct and record your drone operations quicker and easier than ever before - so you can remain focused on the flight.

Beautiful. Accurate. Informative.

Now on iPhone® and iPad®, a world of safety data at your fingertips to help you maximise your drone flights while minimising risk and remaining compliant with changing local laws and regulations.



Help during your pre-flight, en-route and post-flight operations

We've made it much easier for you to do some of your pre-flight safety checks, and do them in a way that you can prove your due diligence, using unique flight numbers and airspace auditing.

Did you know that commercial drone pilots are often required to conduct extensive due-diligence and flight planning activities?

Airspace Alerts

We monitor the airspace for manned aviation around your intended area of operation and send you proactive notifications via SMS to help you fly more safely. Learn more