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Pop-Up UTM - Airspace Management Solution

Pop-Up UTM is Altitude Angel’s rapid-deployment Airspace Management platform, with all the functionality offered to permanent airspace managers for monitoring of airspace over a temporary time-period, anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice.

By integrating directly with Altitude Angel’s world-leading GuardianUTM system, Pop-Up UTM is capable of monitoring fully or partly automated drone flights and dynamically adapting to flight patterns; avoiding in-air collisions and mitigating risk.

  • Live telemetry of UAVs supported by Altitude Angel’s Surveillance API through satellite connectivity
  • Tactical CRS detection of ADS-B transponding manned aircraft entering flight boundary pre-reported through Flight Report API
  • Capable of deconflicting against unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as manned aerial vehicles through Airspace Alerts
  • Able to be quickly implemented and made operational on a global scale with Altitude Angel’s worldwide Airspace Data and through a direct connection to Inmarsat's cutting-edge satellite technology. 
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