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GuardianUTM - Airspace Information

GuardianUTM provides software developers and drone manufacturers with the tools and data to access accurate, up-to-date and relevant aeronautical, environmental, regulatory and drone-centric operational data.

Tailored to their existing requirements and with the flexibility to scale as the business grows, GuardianUTM allows business owners to focus on providing an exceptional service to consumers and other businesses.

  • Ensure drone operators and pilots are compliant with the local rules and regulations, as well as your own organisational policies and procedures
  • Interface directly with UTM systems on a national level
  • Receive dynamic alerts for potential mid-air collisions using Altitude Angel’s world-first Conflict Resolution Service, as well as other dangers, such as weather and ground hazards
  • Easily identify and understand localised or global airspace information (including altitude restrictions, No Fly Zones, and NOTAMs)