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GuardianUTM Enterprise - Airspace Management Solution

GuardianUTM Enterprise is a cost-effective solution for providing comprehensive oversight of airspace and managing aerial access for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) around critical infrastructure, land and managed properties.

Through an intuitive cloud-based interface, airports, landowners, and facility managers can engage directly with airspace users around the property and facilities they manage - enabling drones to operate safely whilst unlocking innovative new services and opportunities.

  • Gain immediate situational awareness of manned and unmanned flights operating cooperatively within airspace directly above a definable region.
  • Allow drone operators to report and request flights within airspace and dynamically approve or reject flights as required.
  • Strategically deconflict drone operations with other aircraft, increasing safety by mitigating the risk of in-air collisions.
  • Integrate with existing and new aerial monitoring hardware, including radar and C-UAS technology.
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