Watch our video tutorials, showing how to use some of the most used features within Drone Assist.

Adding a Pilot:

Create your default pilot profile so you can file flight plans.

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Adding an Aircraft:

Add multiple aircraft to your profile, selecting the right aircraft for your flight plan.

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Map Filters & Map Types:

Choose your map type and configure our advanced airspace filters to manage the airspace information you want to see.

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Manage your Profile:

Update your app’s settings and manage your personal and aircraft details.

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Creating a Flight Plan:

Plot, schedule and submit your future flight plan.

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Fly Now:

A quick and easy way to file a flight plan at your current location, allowing you to 'fly now' with your pre-populated profile.

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Editing a Flight Plan:

View your archive of flight plans and edit any flight plans submitted but not flown yet.

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Creating a Flight Plan with Approval Services:

Understand what to do if your plan intersects with an approval area.

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Uploading Documents:

Attach documents to approval requests to your flight plans.

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Regulation and Guidance:

Find the resources needed to make sure you fly safely.

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Creating a flight plan in a UTM ready zone in Drone Assist