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With a fleet of drones to manage it’s crucial you’re able to track every one accurately, ensuring safety and operational efficiency. Which is where we come in. Our market-leading platform gives you the tools to plan, manage, execute and track your fleet, all at your fingertips. You’ll also have a fully auditable record of flights and operations.

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...Take Control

Take control of your organisation’s drone eco-system with a deeply-connected platform capable of tracking and communicating with your drones and drone operators through a single, live, real-time interface.

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Detailed 'Corporate Overview' helps to ensure control and management of all owned drones across your network

Altitude Angel is the world’s leading platform for unmanned traffic management. With a fleet of drones to manage, our system allows you to easily manage and stay connected to your drones. With the ability to track where individual drones are in real-time and have a full corporate overview of your fleet, you can utilise your assets and get the maximum return.

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Certify Compliance

Ensure employees and contractors are compliant with organisational and national regulations

As drone use becomes an every-day part of your day-to-day business, how you manage and report on the use of your fleet will also change. We can help you provide corporate governance around the use of drones; giving you a detailed audit trail so you’re able to know who is flying where and do they have permission? In addition, our solutions will let you know how are they flying, are they being responsible?

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Third-Party Drone Separation

Privacy-aware integration with national UTM/ATC systems

Your fleet may not be the only drones in the sky, but with our platform you’ll be able to see who or what else is in the air so you can manage your flights accordingly. Our solution provides a realtime, single point of truth picture of the skies above us. And if two drones should look like they may get too close to one another, our conflict resolution service (CRS) will alert the operator or instruct the drone to take appropriate action.

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