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Altitude Angel is delivering a far greater level of data integrity and attention to detail than we saw from anybody else…They have the same passion around safety you find intrinsic within NATS which means a great deal to us…

Andrew Sage, NATS, Head of Unmanned Traffic Management

Read how we enabled NATS to become the world’s leading ANSP in defining the future of airspace, allowing it to address and support different sectors of the emerging commercial drone industry.

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How we help...

With both commercial and recreational drone use on the rise, a way to safely manage and integrate drone flights into general airspace is needed. We can help. Altitude Angel can provide the right, tailored solution for your ANSP’s unique set of needs, whether it be providing a national registry to a country-wide unmanned traffic management platform.   

Our solutions are designed to fully integrate drones safely into everyday ATM activities and systems, while remaining fully future-proof to evolve with the changes which are yet to come in this otherwise very emergent industry.

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Receive a detailed demonstration of our GuardianUTM fully-tailored to your country's existing infrastructure, at a time and location that suits you.

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...Take Control

Take control of your country's drone eco-system with a deeply-connected system capable of tracking and communicating with drone operators in a single, live interface.


Security & Control

Registration, Identification and Tracking

An Identity & Registration system is an important component of a national drone management solution. For ANSPs, we can provide a ready-to-go and fully customisable solution for drone operators to digitally register their credentials in your territory as well as their drones, qualifications and exemptions. Our solution will allow you to identify, track and communicate with individual aircraft/operators, letting you manage the authorisation process for drones to access and operate in your airspace.

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© NASA Photograph by Carla Thomas


Awareness, Accurate Information, Accessible and Understandable by Consumers

Safety is paramount. Our systems and solutions give you the ability to make informed decisions meaning safety will never be compromised. By collating data from the appropriate sources, we provide single source point of truth on which informed decision making can be based. Altitude Angel will give you a single, cohesive view of the airspace you are responsible for, and the aircraft in it.

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Airspace Management, Automation, Integration to Existing Systems

Acquiring additional services often means purchasing additional hardware.  Altitude Angel’s proven technology can seamlessly be integrated with the existing structures within your facilities, workflows and procedures.  We can provide the appropriate resources and training, allowing you to do more.

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