(Re)Imagined Unmanned Traffic Management

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Future Air Traffic Management.

GuardianUTM uses revolutionary cloud technologies to provide secure, robust unmanned aerial system traffic management (UTM) capabilities to any drone, any where at any time. It is the only platform providing a solution that supports both recreational and professional drone operators, while being built for internet-scale secure operations. GuardianUTM incorporates dynamic airspace management to provide safe integration for all airspace users, and works both with - and crucially, without - the need for filing flight plans in advance.

Everyone. Connected.

We all achieve more when we work together. GuardianUTM enables everybody with a stake in the airspace to come together, whether you're a drone manufacturer, drone operator, regulator, air navigation service provider or a member of the aviation community.

Built using open standards and protocols, GuardianUTM is the first production-ready UTM system to support the integration of unmanned systems into the airspace today, tomorrow and well into the future of fully automated flight.

NextGen Interconnection

Backed by Altitude Angel's powerful distributed cloud infrastructure, GuardianUTM facilitates the interconnection, sharing and synchronisation of data between different UTM systems, providing technical insulation between individual networks and secure data interchange. Whether you've built a drone management platform, registry

Fully Customisable. Modular.

GuardianUTM is completely customisable and modular, meaning you or any of our partners can change its functionality to suit your implementation timelines. With modules available to track manned aviation, cooperative and non-cooperative drones as well as mix in your own sensor data (from RADAR or other sources), GuardianUTM can scale to meet your needs.

Available now.

GuardianUTM is available today, ready for integration into your next drone and for demonstration to regulators and air navigation service providers. If you would like to learn more, contact us today and we'll be happy to arrange a demo or discuss your requirements.