Summary Feature Sets

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Operations Manager

Manage and View Flight Requests & Approvals

Situational Awareness - Approved Flight Requests

Flight Request Notifications

"UTM Ready Zone" Publicly Visible 

Approval Services

Charging Services for Approved Flight Requests

Rate Card Management

Drone Operator Invoicing & Payment Service

Service Enablement

Map Embed & Marketing Pack



Feature Pack - Enhanced Safety Features



Enhanced Safety Features

Situational Awareness - Traffic

UAS “No Fly Zone” & Airspace Closure Management

Take off Request & Clearances

UAS Conformance Monitoring

Surveillance Sensor Integration


Counter-UAS Sensor Integration




Feature Pack - Automation & Workflow



Automation & Workflow Features

“UTM Zone Ready” Publicly Visible with Custom Text

Automated Flight Request Decisions

Configurable & Multi-Party Flight Request Decision Workflows




Feature Pack - Zero Fee Approvals



Zero Fee Flight Approvals


*Additional fees may apply for bespoke requirements.


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