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On November 21st 2018, Altitude Angel, Frequentis, NATS, Manchester Airport and over 20 different companies collectively showcased the most advanced drone integration demonstration yet seen.

Operation Zenith gave a view of the future of air traffic management, demonstrating how by using the right technology it’s possible to safely integrate unmanned traffic into controlled airspace and open up the skies to commercial airspace worldwide.

Get a feel for the event below, and skip your way through the compressed version of the live event.

Chapter index

The whole event spanned just over three hours, but we've condensed the video down to just 25 minutes. Use the chapter references below to find the content you're looking for:

# Section
00:00 Introduction
02:50 The UTM: GuardianUTM O/S
04:12 UTM deployment
04:50 Segment 1: On-airfield parts delivery
06:03 Segment 2: Multi-site, multi-operation
  • On-airfield inspection
  • BVLOS rail inspection
  • Atmospheric inspection
  • News report
  • Site survey
09:04 Opening the UTM market: enabling 3rd-parties to connect to the foundation UTM
14:55 Segment 3: Airport safeguarding and "Rogue Drone" demonstration
18:30 Segment 4: Prioritisation, Temporary Airspace Restrictions


The future of UTM is collaboration

In Operation Zenith, we demonstrated collaboration among over 20 industry partners, all coming together under existing regulations to perform a snapshot of future skies: mixed-mode operations in and around sensitive areas, featuring both VLOS and BVLOS automated flights fully integrated into Manchester Airport's daily operations. Nearly 120 people from these companies gave their time to prove the art of the possible, using Altitude Angel's GuardianUTM O/S.

History in the making

Operation Zenith was itself a huge operation, involving over 120 people from over 20 different partner companies. It was a true collaboration of industry. Altitude Angel wishes to extend its thanks to everyone involved in making Operation Zenith a reality. Watch the video below to get a sneak-peak behind the scenes.

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