Case Study: Consortiq

"The data and services we get from Altitude Angel, along with the operational management capabilities of CQNet, allow us to unlock the future potential of the industry" says Paul Rigby, CEO of Consortiq.


Consortiq is a global company that delivers class-leading safety and operations management software to commercial drone operators in a SaaS solution called CQNet. In this case study, we examine why they chose to integrate their flight planning system with Altitude Angel's GuardianUTM platform to deliver essential, critical and real-time aeronautical and safety data.

"We were approached from customers around South Africa, the Cayman Islands, the US - right around the world," says Paul Rigby, CEO of Consortiq, "and we needed a service which could provide that global, standardised data - with commercial assurances. Altitude Angel, with their experience in enterprise software delivery and their GuardianUTM platform, put them a cut above the rest."

Real-time data and services

Consortiq have deployed a range of Altitude Angel's APIs in their software, which is tailored at supporting the rigorous safety and operational standards governing commercial drone operations. By using our Map Data API and Area Report API for both aeronautical restrictions and localised ground hazard data, their customers more quickly assess the level of risk associated with conducting a drone operation in a particular area.

"Our partnership with Altitude Angel and their ability to deliver critical, accurate and reliable data available in real-time is what provides the operator with the confidence they can operate safely in the area they've selected," says David Walters, Software Development Manager at Consortiq. 

"With the data and quality-checking Altitude Angel provide, we can assure our clients that the data they're getting is highly accurate, up-to-date, live (with NOTAMs and aircraft tracking)" he continued.

Watch the 3-minute video case study

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Consortiq uses our GuardianUTM Developer Platform to receive real-time, accurate and assured data from Altitude Angel's global UTM platform.