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With Altitude Angel’s purpose-built platform for drones, whatever your needs, will have the tools to let you build safe, robust applications which are connected to the world’s aviation systems in an ever growing number of countries.

GuardianUTM is an open, standards-based REST platform which is primarily concerned with enhancing the safety of the airspace, by providing access to accurate, up-to-date and relevant aeronautical, environmental, regulatory and drone-centric operation data.

Our APIs are intended for use by software developers who wish to integrate these services into their product or solution.

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Take a look at our API Documentation, connect to our developer portal and enjoy a free 30-day trial of the world's best aviation data, so you can access our services and have a play.

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Contact our sales team to tell us about your platform and how you see our APIs integrating with your products or solution.

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...You're Away

Embed our APIs into your product or solution, allowing you to access the most accurate and reliable aviation data on the market so you can provide your customers with a platform they can trust.

Accurate Data

The most accurate, up-to-the-moment aerial information; all through our API

You need to be able to trust the data. GIGO. Altitude Angel's cloud platform is the only service designed to put you in control by giving you access to the most authoritative, accurate data sources to accelerate your product development and ensure your customers can fly their drones safely and responsibly in today's changing landscape.

Plus, all our data feeds come with built-in connection to our GuardianUTM platform, which enables you to take control over your interface with each country’s UTM solutions.

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International Integration

Altitude Angel’s API provides global data, integration to flight authorisation systems to simplify your company’s growth across new countries and jurisdictions

You want your app or platform to go global? Not a problem. GuardianUTM is an international UTM solution which automatically interfaces with local system airspace managers and regulators on your behalf, so your data is always accurate no matter where your platform or app is being accessed on the planet.

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Enhanced Mapping

Utilise our API to seamlessly integrate aviation data and let you to focus on your application

You want to focus on your application, so our APIs let you. Integrating aviation data can be a monumental undertaking so at Altitude Angel, we do the mapping, so you don't have to.

Our APIs take complex, cumbersome and often difficult-to-consume aviation and geospatial data and make it accessible in a common, canonical model that is highly compressible and easy to work with. And, most importantly, we keep it up-to-date so you can always be sure regulations and the airspace data are accurate and current.

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