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Unlock the potential in your next drone-related project by getting access to the world's most accurate, authoritative and easy-to-consume data. Choose from aeronautical, environmental and regulatory data sources, and innovatively combine them with our best-in-class realtime services to kick-start your progress.

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Data Feeds

Aeronautical data is messy, complex and difficult to parse. Our data feeds are drone-relevant from the start, and developer friendly. Regularly updated, fresh, pruned and most importantly, relevant and authoritative.


  • Critical infrastructure
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Privacy concerns
  • Populated areas
  • Airports & Aerodromes


  • Weather (Actual + Forecast)
  • Terrain (elevation)
  • Skyline (buildings data)
  • Cell coverage
  • METARs


  • Digital regulations
  • NOTAMs


  • Controlled airspace
  • Restrictions (TFR)


Our global services are designed to facilitate integration of your drone or drone app into National Airspace Systems, and provide complex functionality simply.

Application Services

  • Single Sign On (SS)
  • Delegated user access
  • Global Drone Registry
  • Global Operator Registry
  • Flight auditing


  • Airspace Alerts
  •   Manned aviation
  •   Nearby drones
  •   Weather


  • Separation Assurance
  • Flight planning
  • Route planning
  • Personalised Geofencing


  • Realtime telemetry RESTRICTED

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