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Altitude Angel announces Series A Investment Funding

Seraphim Capital, Accelerated Digital Ventures and Frequentis AG invest in Altitude Angel to bring our UTM platform to global markets

Altitude Angel is an aviation technology company creating global solutions that enable the safe integration and use of fully autonomous drones into airspace. Supporting both U-Space and UTM, our purpose-built cloud platform delivers class-leading services to drone operators, manufacturers and software developers, enabling access to a rich source of real-time aeronautical, environmental and regulatory data all tailored to the individual operation dynamically.

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(Re)Imagined Unmanned Traffic Management

GuardianUTM provides an integrated portfolio of scalable and robust digital communications services to aviation stakeholders, national drone registration solutions and integrated identification services to deliver comprehensive protected airspace management solutions.


Catapult your next drone project to success by getting access to the world's most accurate, relevant and up-to-date aeronautical data for drones. Build against our regulation and advisory APIs, and connect to the world's first production UTM system, future-proofing your products against a changing regulatory landscape.

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