The world's most advanced suite of APIs tailored to drones and airspace integration

Altitude Angel's world leading API & Services provide drone manufacturers and software developers with the tools and data to access accurate, up-to-date and relevant aeronautical, environmental, regulatory and drone-centric operational data.


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Tailored to their existing requirements and with the flexibility to scale as the business grows, our API & Services allows business owners to focus on providing an exceptional service to consumers and other businesses.

  • Ensure drone operators and pilots are compliant with the local rules and regulations, as well as your own organisational policies and procedures
  • Interface directly with UTM systems on a national level
  • Receive dynamic alerts for potential mid-air collisions using Altitude Angel’s world-first Conflict Resolution Service, as well as other dangers, such as weather and ground hazards
  • Easily identify and understand localised or global airspace information (including altitude restrictions, No Fly Zones, and NOTAMs)

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Our solutions are making the skies safer and facilitating responsible drone-use around the world.

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