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Updated 0522.

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GuardianUTM™ Enterprise is an intuitive, cost-effective solution for providing a consolidated integrated airspace view. The solution gives greater situational awareness and the ability to manage flight plan access for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), therefore enabling airspace to be opened to more flights as drone-use continues to increase.

Hosted on a secure and stable cloud environment, GuardianUTM™ Enterprise is rapidly deployable and configurable by organisations of any size; providing a flexible platform for enabling drones to be safely integrated for greater operational control and unlocking a wide variety of use-cases.


Highly configurable

GuardianUTM™ Enterprise gives managers of airspace, whether this be around airports, property or other infrastructure, the ability to easily provide digital pre-flight and take-off approval to drone operators within a defined airspace zones. Offering high levels of automation, including automatic routing and approvals of certified operations, the solution is also able to integrate with existing and new aerial monitoring hardware as required.

Easy to use

Designed to quickly and easily give an overview of the sky around their enterprise location, GuardianUTM™ Enterprise features a simple, easy-to-use interface, which requires minimal training, and no additional on-site hardware to be deployed. An intuitive top-down view allows users to clearly distinguish authorised and unauthorised drones in real-time and take appropriate actions.

Constantly evolving

Cloud-based infrastructure allows GuardianUTM™ Enterprise to continuously update with the latest and most accurate aeronautical data available. The platform also offers unlimited scalability, with airspace controllers able to manage unlimited numbers of drone flights and a growing area of responsibility, through multiple zones, using our digital approval workflows as operational capacity expands. This enables scalable efficiency of drone operations whilst manual processes are minimised.

Guardianutm enterprise solution overview

Safety through situational awareness

GuardianUTM™ Enterprise provides a single source-of-truth which provides a moment-to moment situational awareness of airspace regions, enabling direct engagement with approved drone operations, and quick identification of rogue incursions from unidentified aircraft. This helps ensure drones and other airspace users are safely managed and deconflicted, contributing to safer, more efficient operations.

Accessible anywhere, online always

As a cloud-based SaaS solution, GuardianUTM™ Enterprise provides ubiquitous remote-access. Users may approve, reject or amend flights within pre defined ‘zones’ from anywhere in the world, through a secure online platform. The solution also enables airspace managers to directly interface with drone operators mid flight, allowing them to declare emergences or request immediate landing of UAVs.

Enable the skies of tomorrow, today

GuardianUTM™ Enterprise gives organisations the ability to offer drone operators critical safety features and priority access to airspace for commercial purposes. Through a central access platform connected to Altitude Angel’s comprehensive global UTM network, organisations can be ready as drone use increases by directly accessing Altitude Angel’s unrivalled deconfliction services and AI-guided routing of aircraft to support highly-automated and autonomous flights.

Supported by a guaranteed SLA of 99.95% uptime.
Integration Agnostic
GuardianUTM Cloud surveillance API readily integrates with 3rd party systems.
Microsoft Azure cloud; deployable to additional regions if needed. Further information here.
SSO-enabled login, MFA and comprehensive user-management tools.
Real-time data feeds
Data displayed through GuardianUTM Enterprise is received directly from Altitude Angel's suite of rest-based APIs which aggregate the most accurate data available to industry and deliver them directly into the solution.
C-UAS Compatibility & Integration
DJI AeroScope*, Involi*, Droniq*, uAvionix*, Asterix CAT48, Asterix CAT62, Asterix CAT21, FRQ smartSIS,  Dedrone*, DroneShield (others available on request).
Surveillance & Telemetry Integration
ADS-B (including CAT21), Radar* (including CAT48, CAT62), MLAT, FLARM, RF, Optical, Lidar, GCS, On-board Tracker.
*Previous integration with.


GuardianUTM Enterprise in brief:

  • Enables organisations of all sizes to manage airspace access in definable zones (facilities or regions).
  • Reduces operational expenditure and training burden by increasing efficiency cost-effectively.
  • A single cloud-based platform ensures the platform is able to be deployed live from day one and anywhere in the world.
  • Contributes to existing Counter-UAS strategies by protecting from costly disruption by quickly distinguishing unauthorised UAVs from approved operations.
  • Provides increased overview of remotely piloted aerial systems (RPAS) through an intuitive visual user interface.
  • Able to approve critical UAV flights through expediated and automated approval workflows; for use cases such as security assessments and rapid response emergency operations.
  • Delivers uncompromising safety features and next-generation drone services functionality through Altitude Angel’s world-leading UTM systems and services.

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