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APIs & Services

Our APIs are capable of providing a range of innovative services to enhance your existing applications and take your business to the next level...

Airspace Data

Configurable Airspace navigation data from over 70 distinct categories of permanent and temporary airspace classifications and warnings, including NOTAMs, TFRs, CTRs and sites of increased aerial activity - in GEO-JSON formats.

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Ground Hazards

Configurable data from over 80 categories of ground-based hazards including schools, prisons, power pylons and cable cars.

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Airspace Alerts

Receive dynamic alerts when manned aircraft are detected within a definable area.

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Strategic CRS

Identify conflicting flight plans across your own submitted operations, or across all flight plans submitted through Altitude Angel’s global network.

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Tactical CRS

Tactical CRS

Automatically detect potential conflict situations during the in-flight phase and provide operators and pilots with alternative flight plans to mitigate the risk of in-air collisions.

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Send aircraft surveillance data directly to our GuardianUTM system from sensor devices (including our open-source Scout device) and access a wide-range of UTM services.

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Flight Reports

Allows the creation of drone flight reports to notify other airspace users of planned and existing unmanned aerial operations.

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Area Reports

Receive a summarised report of hazards, including an overall severity assessment, within a given area.

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Receive a situational awareness report of all known hazards and risks at a specified location in real-time.

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Receive a summary of the latest observed atmospheric conditions and the one hour forecast for a specified area, including wind direction and speed, humidity and cloud cover.

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Space Weather

Receive the latest reported KP-Index for the disturbance to Earth’s magnetic field caused by solar winds.

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Fellow Developers

Organisations integrating our APIs & Services into their products.



Add value to your existing services by implementing our off-the-shelf Map Embed component.

Map Embed

Embed your own version of into your software. Updated, maintained and connected in real-time to GuardianUTM. Customise with client-side JavaScript and build deep functionality on top.

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