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For telecoms companies, staying ahead of the competition and on the front-line of technological innovation is vital. Our platform will help you deliver new and existing services to a global-untapped market of UAV and drone operators, enhance your offering to existing businesses and consumers, and make the most of new technology.

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...Take Control

Take control of your organisation’s drone eco-system with a deeply-connected platform capable of tracking and communicating with your drones and drone operators through a single, live, real-time interface.

Enable New Services

Unlock the potential of drones to enhance your business’ offering to both consumers and commercial enterprises

Modern telecoms companies operating in today’s ever-changing technological landscape need to ensure the services they are providing are advanced enough to set them apart from competitors without compromising on safety and security. Altitude Angel gives telecoms companies the ability to provide a safe, reliable and accurate system to drone operators and commercial enterprises and unlock the ability to provide a connected drone subscription package to consumers.

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Utilise Existing Infrastructure

Add value to your existing infrastructure and maximise revenue with minimal investment

With existing infrastructure in place, it is important that your organisation is able to effectively maintain and improve your services without incurring additional costs. Our platform enables companies to manage drones and UAVs deployed through their network and reduce the additional safety and financial cost incurred through the use of larger manned aircraft or manned operations, such as tower climbs.

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Provide a National UTM Service

Become the gateway to thousands of drone pilots by providing access to airspace through your technology

As your organisation continues to innovate and accelerate the power of information networks, you need to ensure that your technology is able to provide the most comprehensive, accurate and featured service to consumers. Altitude Angel’s platform will enable you to be at the forefront of the unmanned-vehicle ecosystem, by providing access to an ever-growing network of UAVs and drone operators and cutting-edge industry insights and technology.

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