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COMIT2Drones is all about innovation and collaboration with some of the UK’s leading clients and construction companies. We are excited Altitude Angel – who embody these core values – have joined and are committed to delivering enhanced drone technology to the construction sector.

Anthony Shooter, COMIT, Chair of Drone Technology

How we help...

National and international infrastructure providers are continually adopting and utilising the ability of drones to carry out previously time consuming or dangerous tasks.

Altitude Angel can support these flights through our UTM platforms, giving operators real time information as to who else may be in the sky and hazard information as well as providing a fully auditable account of the flights.

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Contact our sales team and tell us how unlocking the full potential of drones can take your business to the next level.

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Receive a detailed demonstration of our GuardianUTM platform fully-tailored to your organisation’s wants and needs, at a time and location that suits you.

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...Take Control

Take control of your organisation’s drone eco-system with a deeply-connected platform capable of tracking and communicating with your drones and drone operators through a single, live, real-time interface.

Fully Harness Drones

Harness the full potential of drones by unlocking new locations and operations through a single, manageable view of the skies

Whilst drones can provide benefit or add value in the workplace, the process of ‘bringing them in’ to operate alongside existing operations can be difficult and be met with some resistance. Altitude Angel can help simplify the governance and the management enabling you to introduce drones into your business. Once established, we can help maximise the use of drones, allowing you to realise the economic and safety benefits. Altitude Angel can support compliance rules and regulations, helping you meet the indicators required to satisfy governing or regulatory agencies such local authorities or the CAA.

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Health & Safety

Track & Audit Operations with ease

Everyone has the right to come home safe and well after a day at work which is why Health & Safety regulations have become an important part of how we manage tasks – from the routine to the extraordinary and dangerous. Our systems can provide you with detailed flight data which can form part of any audit log or flight record. These will provide an invaluable and incontrovertible record in documenting the history in support of drone operations, especially if confronted with any compliance/incident investigation.

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Ensure employees and contractors are compliant with organisational and national regulations

As drone use becomes an every-day part of your day-to-day business, how you manage and report on the use of drones will also change. We can help you provide corporate governance around the use of drones; giving you a detailed audit trail so you’re able to know who is flying where and do they have permission? In addition, our solutions will let you know how are they flying, are they being responsible?

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