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UK Data Coverage: Enhanced

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have released additional aerial hazard data on our drone safety map. The data is delivered using our new ‘pipeline’ technology ensuring it is dynamically refreshed and available as soon as changes are officially published.

The new data are based on ENR 5.3 ENR 5.5 of the UK AIP and include:

  • Glider Sites
  • Parachuting Sites
  • Hang-gliding Sites
  • Parascending Sites
  • Hot Air Balloon Sites
  • Ultra Light Sites
  • HIRTAs (High Intensity Radio Transmission Areas)
  • Gas Venting Sites

These areas represent a subset of the available data in ENR 5.3 and ENR 5.5 and have been selected based on requests from our users. We will monitor usage and feedback over the next few weeks, before we determine if further data from ENR 5.3 and ENR 5.5 should also be included.

If you’d like to submit feedback or suggestions to us, please email [email protected] or use the feedback feature in our apps.

Altitude Angel

Altitude Angel

Altitude Angel is an award-winning provider of UTM (Unified Traffic Management) software, enabling those planning to operate, or develop UTM/U-Space solutions, to quickly integrate robust data and services with minimum effort.

From a consistent, well-documented and standards-based platform, drone manufacturers such as DJI and cutting-edge software developers around the world use our Developer Platform to obtain rich, relevant and local geofencing data, exchange and share flight plans, de-conflict their own flights in real-time and interface with national flight authorisation systems. A growing portfolio of enhanced capabilities help our customers to comply with current and future regulations and interface with changing national systems with only minimal effort.

Altitude Angel’s first party solutions also power some of the world’s leading ANSPs, aviation authorities and Enterprises, including LVNL (Netherlands) and Avinor (Norway), empowering them with new capabilities to safely manage and integrate drone traffic into national operations.

Today, Altitude Angel’s market-defining technology is providing a critical, enabling service on which the future of UTM, especially in controlled airspace, will be built across the globe.

By unlocking the potential of drones and helping national aviation authorities, ANSPs, developers and enterprise organisations, Altitude Angel is establishing new services to support the growth in the drone industry.

In 2021 Altitude Angel won a prestigious Air Traffic Management (ATM) Magazine Award in the ‘UTM Service Suppliers’ category, which recognises pioneering technologies and procedures developed by UTM service suppliers to advance safety and complex operations, for its Pop-Up UTM platform.  Read more about the awards here.

Altitude Angel was founded by Richard Parker in 2014 and is headquartered in Reading, UK.

Altitude Angel’s developer platform is open and available to all at


For further information please contact:

Stephen Farmer, Altitude Angel, Head of Corporate Communications & PR

+44 (0)118 391 3503

[email protected]